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It All Started with a Dream to be a Movie Director...

Putting the magic of the movies        into a board

Congratulations!  You have just been hired as a director at a major movie studio!  You get to live out your wildest dreams by working with top actors, buying amazing scripts, making huge amounts of money by attending the prestigious Oskie Awards.  Sounds great right?  Oh, but we may have neglected to mention, there are a few other directors who were hired at the same time as you, and only one of you will get to keep your job at the end of the initial contract.  We are only interested in keeping top talent, so the director who has the most Oskies will get to stay

Become your own director,

make your own movies.  

With over 50,000 movie possibilities,

the sky is the limit

with creativity + maximum board

game fun.

That's a Wrap, Explained:

01 / Make Your Movie

Choose your genre, hire actors, buy scripts

02 / Studio Meddling

Use Your influence to improve your movie or sabotage others

03 / Theaters & Awards

Put your movies out there to make money and win Oskies



August 27th

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Meet The Team

Adam Sadiq

Game Creator

Adam is the creator of Diacritical Games and their first game That’s a Wrap. He lives in Kansas City and spends most of his time (unsurprisingly) watching movies and traveling. His favorite movies are Amadeus, Boyhood, and Do the Right Thing.

Madison Crabtree

Art Director

Madison Crabtree is a graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute's nationally acclaimed Illustration program who enjoys tabletop gaming, building collaborative stories with friends, and being by cats.  Her favorite movies are Akira, How to Train Your Dragon, and Spiderman:  Into the Spider-Verse.

Julie Gilmor

Marketing Director

Julie runs the social media, marketing, ads and website design for That's A Wrap.  After graduating from Truman State University, Julie emerged with a passion for brand management.  After meeting Adam, they had one thing in common: a love of board games.  Julie's favorite movies are My Fair Lady and anything with Matt Damon.

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